List of topics
           The conference is divided into 5 topics with sub topics to be addressed as followings:
  Soil information for supporting sustainable uses and management
Soil information
Soil classification and mapping
Land use classification
  Integrated soil management and conservation for food security
Soil evaluation
Soil functional and environmental management
Soil fertility management
Land use planning and land use change
Soil erosion and conservation
Water conservation, flood and drought mitigation
  Role of soil ecology in relation to climate change and food security
Soil organic carbon
carbon sequestration
Soil respiration and GHG emission
Biomass production
Soil biodiversity and soil functions
  Innovative techniques and tools for soil resources inventories and appropriate management
RS and GIS application
Precision farming
Portable/Smart application
Advanced analytical techniques
  Public participation, networking and policy implementation on land management 
Sufficiency economy 
People participation initiatives 
Local initiative and traditional knowledge 
Soil and land management network 
Soil education and public awareness 
Soil and land use conflict management