List of Invited Speakers
Session 1: Soil information for supporting sustainable uses and management
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Dr. Kang Ho Jung, Senior Researcher, National Academy
of Agricultural Science, RDA,
Republic of Korea
Session 2: Integrated soil management and conservation for food security
Mr. Apichart Jongskul Director General, Land Development
Department, Thailand
Session 3: Role of soil ecology in relation to climate change and food security
Dr. Jean Luc Chotte Co-Chair of the Organization Committee,
Prof. Kazuyuki Inubushi Graduate School of Horticulture,
Chiba University, Japan
Session 4: Innovative techniques and tools for soil resources inventories and appropriate management
Prof. Mitsuru Osaki Executive Advisor at Hokkaido
University Director of Sustainability
Governance Project (SGP), Hokkaido
University, Japan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Attachai Jintrawet Department of Plant Science and
Natural Resources, Chiang Mai
University, Thailand
Session 5: Public participation, networking and policy implementation on land management
Assoc. Prof. Maurizio Canavari Department of Agricultural Economics
and Engineering - College of |
Agriculture - University of Bologna, Italy
Chencho Norbu. Director General, Department of Forest
and Park Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests