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                    When we talk about "soil", people in general or agriculturalists tend to understand   "soil"   is   "soil"   that is the same everywhere.    They can't see any difference.    They know only that when they plant seeds, they will grow and will yield crops naturally.    If they want to plant popular breeds,  they just go to buy them,  plant them,  water and fertilizer them.   This should be good enough to make the plants produce crops.       They don't have to bother studying about soil. The country still has lots of land.    If the soil is not good, they can just buy fertilizer and spread on it.   Nowadays this understanding is not correct.
                    Doctor soil of the Land Development Department     can tell how different soil or land in each area is according to its origin and environment. Therefore,   utilizing the land is necessary to use it according to the suitability of soil. Do not go against the nature. Going against the nature of the soil is risky to the yields received and makes higher investment than normal.       So when you already have water and want to grow plants,       you must understand and give importance to the soil and to the potential of the soil in the area.
                  Nowadays the deterioration of soil resource in Thailand causes the area of about 192 million rai, which has an impact of reducing crop yields, existence, and the reduced income of about 30 million agriculturalists that use land.
                  The duty of the Land Development Department .  By looking only at the name,   people maybe confused and get mixed up with other departments that have names ended with  "land" such as land reform or land department.
                  Up to now the    Land Development Department,   Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative   of Thailand, has done researches and experiments in order to find ways to benefit from Vetiver Grass for more than 8 years in terms of technique of reproduction,  planting,   including making use of Vetiver Grass in the aspects of agriculture, of reducing the impact on the environment and of producing products from it.    This makes agriculturists all over accept the fact that growing Vetiver Grass is the easiest,  most suitable and economical way to prevent soil from eroding.
                  In summary, the Land Development Department    is the department which observes and helps protecting Thailand from becoming deserts.  The Land Development Department  is abbreviated as    the Department of Doctor Soil   which takes care of the diseases of soil (the disease of land which reduces crop yields such as salty soil, acid soil, eroded soil…etc.,)
Service from the Land Development Department
  Service      It gives advice on how to manage soil resource and problematic soil such as salty soil , acid soil, coastal soil and other deteriorated lands that reduce crop yields.It also gives advice on how to use fertilizers that are suitable with the condition of the soil and help planning soil and water conservation system which is suitable with the land.
Service      It implements soil and water conservation system,     improves soil, creates small water sources and water delivery system in the public area through the request according to the system in the province development plan..
Service      It analyses soil,   water and plants and examines the quality of fertilizer.
Service      It provides some production factors which support passing on technology such as compost catalyst, extracted organic substance, cover crops, salt resisting variety and lime dust …etc., .
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Vegetative measures for soil and water conservation
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