World Congress of Soil Science Logo 18th World Congress of Soil Science
July 9-15, 2006 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
International Union of Soil Sciences
Thursday, 13 July 2006: 8:00 AM
61: RB Developments in the World Reference Base (WRB), Soil Taxonomy (ST) and Other National Soil Classification Systems for Soil Resources - Oral
Presiding:Erika Micheli, Szent Istvan University
Convenor:Robert Ahrens, "USDA/NRCS,Federal Bldg.,Rm.152"
 WRB: Wittingly Reaching Babel ?.
Otto Spaargaren, ISRIC - World Soil Information
 Use of WRB to Classify Soils in the Tropics: Lessons Form East Africa.
Method Kilasara, Sokoine Univ of Agriculture, Patric Gicheru, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Edward Ngatunga, Ministry of Adriculture & Food Security, C.K.K. Gachene, Univ of Nairobi, Joel Melio, ARI, Mlingano
 Harmonizing the Diagnostic Horizons, Properties, and Materials used in the World Reference Base and Soil Taxonomy.
Robert J. Engel, USDA NSSC, Erika Micheli, Szent Istvan Univ, Soil Science and Agrochemistry Dept, Paul McDaniel, Univ of Idaho, Craig A. Ditzler, USDA NSSC
 Technosols as a Proposed Soil Group for the WRB (World Reference of Soil Resources).
Andreas Lehmann, Hohenheim University (310)
 Algebra of the WRB (Formalization of the Concept).
Vyacheslav A. Rojkov, V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute

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