World Congress of Soil Science Logo 18th World Congress of Soil Science
July 9-15, 2006 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
International Union of Soil Sciences
Tuesday, 11 July 2006: 3:30 PM
49: 1.6A Imprint of Environmental Change on Paleosols - Oral
Presiding:Edoardo A.C. Costantini, CRA-ISSDS
Convenor:Alexander Makeev, Science Park of Moscow University
 Features and Characteristics Revealing Environmental Changes on Paleosols in the Volcanic Paleosols (Example of the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt).
Elizabeth Solleiro-Rebolledo, UNAM
 Soils and Paleosols in South India as Heritages of the Past.
Arnt Bronger, University of Kiel
 Paleosols of the Southern Coastal Plain of Israel.
Moshe Wieder, Bar-Ilan University, Gdaliahu Gvirtzman, Bar-Ilan University, Maoz Dassa, Bar-Ilan University
 What is Inherited? Evidence from an Inceptisol/Regosol with OSL Dated 0-150 ka Quartz Sand.
Geoff S. Humphreys, Department of Physical Geography, Marshall T. Wilkinson, Macquarie University, John Chappell, Australian National University, David Fink, ANSTO, Keith Fifield, Australian National University
 Aggradational Pedogenesis: A New Model to Describe Soil Profile Development in the Central Great Plains of North America.
Peter Jacobs, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, Joseph A. Mason, University of Wisconsin - Madison

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