World Congress of Soil Science Logo 18th World Congress of Soil Science
July 9-15, 2006 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
International Union of Soil Sciences
Thursday, 13 July 2006: 3:30 PM
77: 1.1B Site Disturbance: The Role of Soil Morphology in its Assessment - Oral
Presiding:Geoff Humphreys, Macquarie University
Convenor:Brenda Buck, "Dept Geosciences, UNLV"
 Fully Recovered: Can past Site Disturbance Be Determined from Soil Features?.
Geoff S. Humphreys, Dept of Physical Geography
 The Effect of Past Waste Disposal on Urban Soils in Long Established Scottish Towns.
Kirsty A. Golding, Univ of Stirling, Donald Davidson, Univ of Stirling
 Urban Soils of Floodplains in the City of Moscow.
Sergey Shoba, Moscow State Univ., Soil Science Dept., Tatiana Prokofieva, Moscow State Univ, Soil Science Dept., Olga Kruglova, Moscow State Univ, Soil Science Dept.
 Luminescence and Carbon Dating of Fimic Horizons and Drift-sand Deposits in Cultivated Sandy Landscapes (SE Netherlands).
J. M. Van Mourik, Univ of Amsterdam
 Chemical Signatures of Land Use History.
Daniel Markewitz, The Univ of Georgia, Daniel D. Richter Jr., Duke Univ

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