Soil resources in Thailand

          Thailand is located above the equator , between 5 - 20 N latitude and 97 - 105 E longitud in tropical area. Thailand has divers geographical featuers. In the north , high mountains alternate with plains , with large flood plains along the major rivers of the region. In contrast , the northeastern region consists of an extensive plateau , with lowlands alternating with uplands. The Central Plain comprises mostly of the flood plains of the Chao Phraya , Tha Chin and Mae Klong rivers and their tributaries. Some highlands , mountains and hills can be found at the western and eastern limits of the crntral region. In the south , a mountainous ridge extends along the length of the peninsula , from north to south.

         Soils found in different regions of Thailand very according th soil forming factors including climate , living organisms , relief , parent materials and time. It also depends on various processes occurring during soil development , whitch are also location-specific.