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 Land Development Department Site Map

 LDD board of director
 LDD statigies
 LDD Strategies of Land Development Department

Main project 
 Community water resources development project
 Soil doctor volunteer
 Products From MOAC's natural resource and properties administration project
 King Project

Soil resources
Physical environment of Thailand 
 General climatic condition
 Surface temperature

Management Reresource
 Marginal land and problem soils
 Reclamation of coastal saline soil
 Reclamation erosive soil
 Reclamation of sandy soil
 Reclamation shallow soil and soil laterite
 Reclamation of soil in the mine

Land Resources
 Land use data in Thailand 
 Land use in the northern region
 Land use in the central region
 Land use in the north eastern region

Soil Biotechnology
 Microbial Activator Super LDD 1
 Soil management for baby corn in organic farm
 Soil management for cassava in organic farm
 Soil management for Kao Dok Mali 105 in organic farm
 National action programme to combat Desertification
 Vetiver grass - natural engineering structure
 Land development in Thung Kula Ronghai,the best production source of jasmine rice in 
 Service of Land Development Department for agriculturalists
 Soil doctor volunteers of Land Development Department and their participation in natural      resources management
 A soil testing service for farmers in Thailand, using mobile laboratories
 The solution to saline soil in Thailand
 The advantage of "Water Hyacinth"
 Planting sesbania rostrata in order to increase rice production
 The Incorporation of stubble
 A tip for applying compost to increase crops yield
 Para-rubber (Thai economic crop) and soil series suitable for planting in the east
 Planting heliconia in acid sulfate soil
 Planting pinto (Amarillo) as cover cropping
 Soil reclamation for sugar-cane planting
 Potential use of airborne synthetic aperture radar to monitor agricultural
Land use : A case study in Thailand

Land Development Department Extensions

International Co-operation
 Thailand's national world day to combat Desertification Commemoration 2013
 International Co-operation
 International Conference 
International Co-operation project
 Land cover field data collection and land cover production of the Mekong Basin
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