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Reclamation of soil in the mine

          Soil in the mine is soil located in the mine. It is thick sandy soil which is dense. It is not good at holding water and consists of little plant nutrient. There are stones, pebbles and holes distributed in the area.

          How to observe area of soil in the mine 
          The area is excavated. Its soil is sandy and consists of pebbles. There is no mineral in the soil. There is stones, sand, holes and pond distributed in the area. Weeds and dry tolerant plant grow in the area but other plants can not grow.

          Area where soil in the mine is found 
          It is found among mine area. Two of popular mines are Dredger-mine and Minesweeper-mine found in Phangnga, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Phuket, Surat Thani, Songkhla and Ranong.

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          Land management 
          Suitable landuse for mine are is as the following :
          1. Reclaim the area for environment conservation. 
          2. Reclamation the area for agricutural activities such as cultivating, rearing animals
          3. Reclamation the area for industrial area such as Concrete Factory or sand sale for               construction.
          4. To develop area for recreational facilities.
          5. To develop area as a living place or stores.

          Reclamation the area for environment conservation
          To grow plants covering the area like growing forest or grassland.
          1. Make the soil surface smooth according to the slope.
          2. Select fast-growing plants like eucalyptus, Casuarina, cashew nut to grow with

          Reclamation the area for agricultural activities 
          Rearing animal (cattle) Grow the grassland like Ginny grass or Signal grass mixed
          with Hamata bean or Zentosima bean.
          Fishery Rear the fiahes which are available, fast-growing and disease-tolerant.
          It's stuff should have a good taste and be popular like genus Pangasius, genus
          Puntius. In coastal area, rear fishes like genus Thynnichthys, perch. 
          Economic crops planting Select plant suitable for the area or economic crops like
          cashew nut, pineapple, vegetables and truck crops.

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Soil management for planting various plants
1. Mulching plant              - Ginny grass Signal grass Hamata bean, Zentosima  bean- Grow grass in the area 50x25x50 cm. and scatter beans 1 kg./rai.  Apply chemical fertilizer (15-15-15) 120 kg./rai/year. Divide it and apply it 2 rai/month.
2. Fast- growing plant 
 - eucalyptus, Casuarina
- Grow small plants in the area 2x2 m. Apply chemical fertilizer (15-15-15)  300-700 g./plant/year. Divide it and apply it every 3 months. Add organic  fertilizerbelow the hole 10 kg./plant.
3. Cashew nut- Grow small plants in the area 6x6 m. Apply chemical fertilizer (15-15-15)        half of the plant's age but not more than 5 kg./plant/year. Add organic        fertilizer 60 kg./plant/year.
4. Pineapple- Grow the sprouts in two rows far from each other 1 m. in the area  50x30 cm. Apply chemical fertilizer (15-15-15) or (13-13-21) 120 kg./rai/year.  Divide it to add every 3 month. Add organic fertilizer 3-6 ton/rai/year.
5. Vegetables and truck crops
 - lettuce, turnips, genus Terminalia - cowpea, cucumber, cantaloup
- Before planting, mix compost, animal manure or BKK fertilizer   30-40 ton/rai.
 - Before planting, mix compost, animal manure or BKK fetilizer 3-8  ton/rai.
- For chemical fertilizer, add it (15-15-15) 100-400 kg./rai according  to plant type and divide it to add every 10 days.
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