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Natural Calamity and Agricultural Risk Prevention


 - To study, analysis, prevent, mitigate and solve problems from natural disasters to 
 - To study, research and synthesize the body of knowledge, measure and technique
   for the protection and restoration of agricultural areas damaged by natural disasters
 - To study and analysis the impact of climate change on land condition,soil,agricultural
   the situation in agricultural risk areas. 
 - To study, analysis and develop agricultural system that appropriate and consistent to
   the situation in agricultural risk areas.
 - To develop the preventive and warning technology of natural disasters for the
   agriculturist and the public in order to ensure the accurate and timely communication
   and to reduce any possible losses.
 - To coordinate and cooperate on academic matter with other relevant agencies 
   domestically and internationally.

          1. Flood frequency map
          2. Drought frequency map

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