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Microbial LDD 11 for Green manure

  Microbial LDD 11 is a group of effective co- inoculation between rhizobium and phosphate solubilizing bacteria which particulary properties fixing nitrogen and access dissolve inorganic unavailable phosphorus complex forms into available forms to increase fresh weight, dry weight and nutrient content of leguminosae green manure.


         Kind of microbial LDD 11 for green manure

  • Rhizobium is the most effective nitrogen fixing bacteria
       on leguminous rhizobia symbiosis which process enzyme
       nitrogenase, convert nitrogen from the air to NH3 through
       biological nitrogen fixation
  • Phosphate solubilizing bacteria produce some organic
        acid dissolve insoluble phosphate to available form


    Advantage of Microbial LDD 11

  • Increase biomass and nutrient content in green manure.
  • Increase the content of organic matter and nitrogen in soil.
  • Increase economic crop yield.
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