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Microbial Activator Super LDD 3

is group of the antagonistic micro-organisms which can control and inhibit soil born plant pathogens both upland and lowland area especially, root rot disease of economic crops such as durian, orange, cassava, sugar cane, maize, rice and vegetable. 

Kind of micro-organisms in Super LDD 3 consists of 2 species of antagonistic 

  • Trichoderma
  • Bacillus 



    The advantages of microbial activator Super LDD 3 
    There are 3 mechanisms to control plant diseases namely: 

  • Ability of nutrient competitor and grower than plant pathogens
  • Excretion of antibiotic and toxic substance to inhibit plant pathogens
  • Directly destruction the hyphae of plant pathogen by producing lytic enzyme to break cell and uptake
        protoplasm within hyphae as nutrient source.


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