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Cooperative Project between the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand
and Some Asian Countries Concerning Agricultural Cooperation
   To promote technology transfer, commerce, training and cooperation in science and technology in agriculture between members without discrimination with other branches, which may be considered in the future Scope of Cooperation Cooperation will be in agriculture, which includes livestock, aquaculture and plants, as well as to promote trading agricultural produces, management in biodiversity in agriculture, promoting cooperation and integration and others among international and regional organizations that are jointly approved by members.Types of Cooperation.The cooperation will comprise the exchange of technicians and researchers and to form a project to assist cooperative research in agricultural fields. The latter will include the exchange of scientific and technical data, study visits and training in marketing development and promotion of international trade relationship.

 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
   A Joint Agricultural Working Group (JAWG) will be established. It will be responsible for considering joint projects, evaluation of results from projects previously approved, making proposals for future development and improvement, and also giving practical advice to solve problems and certain disagreements. Finally, it will take turn in organizing JAWG meeting according to the period as determined by the members.

 Financial Obligation
   Members will be responsible for their representatives and officers’ travel expense, accommodation, JAWG seminars and others, which are stated in each MOU agreed by members.

 Effective Period
   Each MOU lasts 5 years from the date the agreement is signed; after that it will be automatically expanded for another 5 years each time. But it may become ineffective when either member informs the other formally 3 months before the end of the MOU.Benefits to Gain Members gain benefits together (mutual benefits) to retain and strengthen agricultural relations, expansion of technical cooperation, increase in investment in agricultural goods and agro-industry, as well as co-development in agriculture, which will eventually include friendly agricultural relations between Thailand and other Asian countries.

 Land Development Department operates bilateral joint projects with the following countries:
      1. Republic of Taiwan
      2. People’s Republic of China
      3. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam
      4. Kingdom of Bhutan
      5. Republic of Indonesia
      6. Russian Federation Figure
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