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       Institution Cooperation Project between IRD and Land Development Department

  This was the cooperation project between the Government of the Republic of France by the IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement – Research Institute for evelopment) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand by the Land Development Department (LDD). It was operational from 1 September 2007 – 31 August 2010. The Government of the Republic of France had supported by sending French experts in various fields to work jointly with the researchers of the LDD, as well as to fund the projects’ basic research, while the Government of Thailand provided accommodation, working facilities and Thai research cooperators under the responsibility of the LDD.
In 2010, IRD and the LDD jointly approved the preparation of “Impact Assessment of Planting Rubber Trees on Sandy Soils in NE Thailand Project” that focused on studying (1) the impact to soil and water resources resulting from planting perennial trees in upland areas, (2) cropping patterns to know the impact to the changes of underground water level, soil quality, soil erosion, and the soil’s ability to hold water, and (3) multiple cropping systems involving rubber trees and other plants.

 Goal of the Project
To study the impact of rubber tree planting and other crops planted between rows of rubber trees on soil quality and water resources in the Northeastern part of Thailand.

 Duration:  Three years (2550 – 2553)
 Main Study Area: Ban Non Tun Village and Ban Phulek Village, Khon Kaen Province and  rubber plantations in Satuek District, Buriram Province

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