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     The Land Development Department (LDD) was established by three Acts of Parliament on 23rd May 1963 under the purview of the Ministry of National Development. The acts were published in the Government Gazette on 22nd May 1963

     In 1972, the government dissolved the Ministry of National Development and restructured the administration by a Revolutionary Proclamation. On 29th September 1972 the Land Development Department was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. The Land Development Department Act was published in the Government Gazette on 6th October 1983. The Act was amended in 2008, and the amended Act was officially published in the Government Gazette on 5th February 2008

     Under the 2008 Act, the Land Development Department has the duty to conduct soil surveys and analyses as a basis for establishing land classification and utilization maps, land development, and to define land use areas, and soil and water conservation areas according to a land census. Under the Act, the Land Development Department in responsible for collection of statistics as a basis for conduction land censuses








             Land Development Department is responsible for soil survey and classification, soil analysis, land use planning, conduct experiments and carry various aspects of land development, assist farmers in soil and water conservation practices and soil improvement, seed production for cover crops and soil improvement materials,transfer technology from its research of soil development and soil science for multiple purpose use.





Other duties and responsibilities which stand in an Act of Land Legislation are......

1. To conduct soil survey and produce soil resource maps, including survey to obtain census
    of the land data concerning land economics.


2. To conduct landuse planning for the sustainable of land resources.


3. To conduct research and experiments in relation to soil, land improvement, soil and water
    conservation, watershed conservation, and other relevant issues pertaining to land development 
and farmers' requirements.


4. To disseminate land development tecnologies to relevant government personnel, farmers, and
     and farmers' requirements.



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