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     The Community Water Resource Development Project is the project which integrates all activities related to land and water management, in order to achieve the target of improving the farmers’ standard of living. For this project, water demand and supply is essentially considered. There are several tools to be used for project management; for example, land and water conservation measures and cropping pattern management measures.  By considering the project location, suitable crops are selected in regards to soil properties and weather conditions. Then cropping patterns and crop rotation are planned according to water management specifications and market demands.


       To be a pilot project of integrated management, comprising water resources on
        land management and crop management.

This project provides a supplemental career for farmers after the rice harvesting        
It also increases the farmers’ income so that famers will have better quality of life.

Implementation Plan

  1.  Feasibility study by considering available existing resources, such as soil and
             water resources, crops, topography, weather, land use patterns, etc.
  2.  Planning and implementation for land development by soil improvement
             planning, as well as soil and water conservation measures,including both
             reservoirs, irrigation systems and drainage systems will be constructed. 
  3.  Crop pattern planning in regards to soil properties and weather conditions.
  4.  Establishing water user groups and then arrange a number of training courses
             concerning soil improvement, organic farming, etc. Thus, farmers could get
             needed knowledge to keep the project sustainable.

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