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 Bio-Fertilizer LDD 12

  This microbial product is a group of effective microorganisms that can produce plant nutrient or

 convert insoluble of inorganic compounds into soluble form to increase soil fertility
 produce plant growth hormone to enhance plant growth



Kind of Microorganisms  in bio-fertilizer LDD 12


  • Asymbiotic dinitrogen fixing bacteria fix atmospheric Nitrogen and transform by enzyme
        nitrogenase to ammonium form usable by plant or crop
  • Phosphate solubilizing bacteria is capable of solubilizing insoluble phosphates which are
        unavailable to plants through the production of strong organic acid into available form
  • Potassium solubilizing bacteria is able to solubilize Potassium mineral such as micas group (biotite,
        muscovite) and feldspars group (microcline, orthoclase) through production of organic acid or
        chealator which increase Potassium availability in soil for plant growth
  • Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria produce plant growth regulators (auxin, gibberillin, cytokinin)
        to stimulate seed germination, enhance of root development, shoot growth, increase of water and
        nutrient uptake 




    Advantage of Bio-fertilizer LDD 12


  • Increasing nitrogen content in soil  average of 62.5 kg N ha-1
  • Increase rock phosphate soluble  range of 15-45%
  • Increase K-feldspar soluble range of 10%
  • Produce hormone stimulate root and plant growth
  • Reduce the use of chemical fertilizer at least 25-30%
  • Increase efficiency of nutrient uptake
  • Increase plant yield by 15%

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